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My name is many things but some folks call me milk blade [🥛🔪]. I am the Editor 'N Cheef of www.Vh.Com as well as its first '℘' CEO etc. ⊱ 🍕 I make'a the posts! 🍕 ⊰ in other words... Vernon Howl (Columbia Law School '87, baby!) hired me to be HIS voice because 𝟛  (VH's new Identity, non-polarizing) saw in me what was lacking in Justin Jefferson (his god-son, and Prime Minister of The My America Company (who wants NOTHING to do with this failed web venture [we'll show him!]), which, yes, said entity "technically" owns this blog, but I digress): s p u n k

The less you know of me the better. I am but a worker bee, an admin, a sinner and a saint. I am every ↦woman↚ hear me ('℘') r o a r

We have free stickers and hot content. That's all you really need to know. As for Vern(𝟛), who is semi-retired right now and prefers to be called the anti-gendered title/name 𝟛 (2*23_UPDATE: He prefers "Vermin Hawk" now don't ask). Here is a non-comprehensive list of (important) "things" 𝟛 H@WK's done/made over the years, in addition to his great service in THE LAW...

ꃏ M o V i e S

The Bleach Trilogy

🕮 B o o K S

—— 🥛🔪

In short, the purpose of this website is punishment. You see, once upon a time, he was a great and noble artist, but he strayed from the path of great and noble art and his sentence is to harvest this content farm. In even shoerter: he has been rehired as the main content provider. Mua (🥛🔪) will still stay on as EiC (the Big 🧀) b/c heck the ad rev is tops and it's easy $$ taboot. What can I say. I call it when I see it and know's it when it's there. Full DAILY posting of the best and relevant restarted on 01 MARCH 2023. Shalom.

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