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Guillermo del Toro has terrible taste

This is not about  Guillermo del Toro (GdT), fine gentleman by all accounts

The Great and Holy Power of IMAGES

Look at this dog, "Coach Dog"

Ø The Cult of Philip "mac" Ressler

This is difficult to post..

Disney is turning our children ▢▢▢


Elsa does indeed die in Forzen 2-- proof is in the puddin folks (ur gonna wanna read this post).jpg

Sad to have to report this,,but

(🎥) Movie-Quality Shows!!!

Now there is a winning idea!

Ring Camera Caught This Amazon Delivery Man Doing What Now?!

My Eyes  why do you decieve me?

BLESSED BE: ᴴᵒ¹¹ʸ ᴹᵒⁿᵈᵃʸ

🅷🅾11🆈 🅼🅾🅽🅳🅰🆈... is here

Say hi?

Delete this post from eyes Immediately



tw - Google Search (what more u need to know??)

Now here is a good post 👇

I have a piece of paper that your definitely not gonna wanna "Flatten "

we are living in interesting times

Welcome to the 0niøn

New ventures, new horizons.

The Giant Ground Sloth was a pimp

Not even joking!

Le Birthday 🍰 bitch

We eating steak🥩


Bird watchers, this posts for y'all

❝whst is animal crossing, A Parable


a "Personal Plea"

more or less, sure

Quincy Jones's "Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)" and how it ruined my life [Demonetization Hell]

Id like to tell yall a story....

b r e e f

Diamond Monkey v Monkey Snake

Would rather be killed INSTANTLY than EVER click upon this

a "Fools errand" if there ever were 1

Such is life...

And now a word on "the essentials"

🦋 Yahoo Bug Emoticon 🦋

Have you seen This yet?...

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