Wednesday, April 10, 2024


A very pretty girl named Lauren went by the hospital for a sandwich and she said she could eat it up in just a few seconds to a janitor man who wasn't listening. She ate the hospital sandwich and she felt sick. A little bird flew from a branch and landed on her nose and said that was the point of hospital sandwiches and she should have bought a sandwich from the sandwich shop. So she barfed up the sandwich and molded it into a sandwich and took it to the sandwich shop and said to the sandwich shop man this is a puke sandwich and it is rotten to the core may I please have a new one. The sandwich shop man knew right away that this wasn't one of their sandwiches because they had discontinued puke sandwiches what for inflation and all. With the jig up Lauren returned to the hospital with evil in her eyes. She found the bird and said looks like chicken tonight! The janitor man continued not to notice anything including his janitor work and was soon let go by the hospital. He got a job at the sandwich shop and convinced the sandwich man to reintroduce the puke sandwich to the menu but by that time Lauren was in jail for killing and eating wild birds.