VIDEO ART by Vernon Howl

This is a complete list of all the experimental video works of artist Vernon Howl available on YouTube and/or Vimeo in alphabetical order. (See also the website for a year's worth of video art! See also also this blog tag.)

To buy a DVD of some or all of these pieces, or to purchase their commercial and/or full-length movie adaptation rights, or to commission new video work for a specific personal or commercial purpose (eg, a pet's birthday, your upcoming corporate retreat, etc.), please use this contact page to receive a quote. (You are also encouraged to check out this website's DVD section for officially licensed, high-quality DVDs on a variety of subjects.)

"#1 A+ Vlogger"
"15 Self Portraits"
"17 Puppies"
"30SecondstoMarsVEVO Advert (On Mute)"
"6 Interpretive Dances over a Doughnut"
"66 Seconds"
"Adam Schefter's Weird Animated Gif Twitter Avatar"
"After Charlie..."
"Alpaca Survival Strategy '91"
"Always There Are Wolves"
"Amelia Airheart Called the CDC About My #SWAG"
"American College Art Film"
"Audio-Visual Draft of 2 Non-Existent Tweets"
"Bad Crystals"
"Bath Time"
"The Big Bang Ball Pit & Pole Theory"
"Black Rub"
"Bob Melvin Speaks (California Blog Jerk)"
"The Bomb"
"The Boy's House is Hit by Lightning"
"The Brocolli Harvest"
"Broken City Trailer"
"Can We Talk about Dolphin Rape?"
"Cos & Effect"
"Cowboyz Songg"
"Crocodile Dung"
"Daily Motion Fallout"
"Dark America, Part I"
"Dark America, Part II"
"Death Wish"
"Dunkin Man"
"Eating 20 Chicken Nuggets"
"Eating a Jelly Doughnut"
"Error Dogs in Space"
"Every Human Every Town"
"Every Human Every Town 2: Chant"
"Every Life"
"Everything is a Poem"
"Exquisite Caffeine (in a Field)"
"Farting Butterflies"
"Fatal Death"
"Feeling BLUE (George Michael's "Faith" at 65% speed)"
"Fine Wine"
"The Formula Changes (No Angel)"
"Freebird to Stairway"
"funky funky blue"
"Herbina Commercial"
"Home" (The Bleach Trilogy, Part I)
"Home: Kitchen"
"How You Make Me Feel (Waves)"
"I Am a Blog"
"If We Weren't Really Birds We'd Be Flying High by Now"
"In Conversation"
"In the Bowl"
"Inside the Beijing Traffic Dome (Family Wine Song)"
"Internet Dreams"
"Is (1)"
"Jackel & Hide"
"James Franco"
"January 6th and 28th"
"Jay-Z Released a Rap Today"
"Ke$ha, Tigerchrist: A Sermon"
"Kim Jones' Pink Polo Player Sweatshirt"
"Living Room"
"Lo Res Nation Flagz"
"Lobstler Lolve"
"Look Around"
"lo-step dub-fi"
"Luxury Plane"
"The Marsupial Frog"
"Massacre is Air Quotes"
"me: LOVE"
"Metallic Holocaust"
"Mom Art"
"Mouse Beta 4 (Slug Movie)"
"Morbid Obesity"
"Moving Through"
"Mr. Elk Face Has a Roommate"
"My Animal Spirit, Today"
"Nerd Prayer 4 Humanity"
"Never Slamdance on Your Brand"
"New Chant"
"NIO PSA #1: Stepping in Gum"
"NIO PSA #2: Dead Goldfish"
"NIO PSA #3: Burnt Toast"
"Not Good Thoughts"
"Obama Leaf 2013"
"Oreo Cookie of Latino Kick Boxers"
"Organizo X"
"Part Two" (The Bleach Trilogy, Part II)
"Po' Boy for Aphrodite (Violent Siding)"
"The PostPost-Modernist Society"
"The Post(x7)-Modernist Society"
"Project Krug: Dec 29, 2012"
"Purple America"
"Ray Bees"
"Real Laughter"
"Sequence 1"
"Sequence 11"

"Short Song for the Mighty Greyhound"
"Snow on Tuesday (Visions of 4)"
"sometimes i feel ur sex"
"Stephen A. Smith Fuck You Finger Bird Skip Pizza"
"Stephen A. Smith Red Lobster Commercial"
"Still Waiting"
"Stretched-Out Beefy Network Experience (No Outlet)"
"Taco Tortoise and the Ninja Numbskull Blues Band"
"Tadpole Meat Fiasco (Damage Control)"
"Taylor Swift's Vlog 'Meow.' at 37% speed with heavy reverb"
"Teaching Siri How to Curse"
"Telephone Technology"
"These 'Massacres'"
"These People I Don't Think Like or Respect Me"
"THRU (Commercial Appeal)"
"The True Nature of Garbage"
"Transformation YES"
"Tylar Siwft"
"Unofficial Resident"
"Untitled (Fuck Dougie Shorp Clip)"
"Use of Llama"
"Watch the World Burn"
"Watching a Neil Diamond video tweet that his wife/gf accidentally posted upside down while he was driving a convertible on his birthday as I am also filming it with my iPone 4 in my bathroom with the shower going and WPRB 103.3FM playing on the radio in the background so I can later position said video of the video tweet over a jpeg of a broken tv washed up on a beach in Final Cut Pro, and that is the thing you are looking at now (cameos by Blake Butler's novel 'There is No Year' and Coke Zero can): People do weird things all the time"
"We ♥ Tornado Fries"
"We Can Go Up, We Can Go Down"
"Welcome to the Dead Meat"
"Whale/Fire Meditation Video"
"What Brand R U?"
"What is the internet?"
"What Life Is"
"Why am i a failure at life?"
"World Star"
"wormy bug / animal hiding"
"x bar"
"You Can't Blend In (With a Neon Tail)"
"youtube play™"

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