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DVDs will be available for purchase soon. The following three titles will debut in 2012.

"Burning a DVD on my MyMacbook with a custom menu seems unnecessarily difficult." -Vernon Howl

TVHG-DVD1: The Disintegration of Values in Outerspace: Lo-Fi Music Video Collection
This is the DVD companion to The Vernon Howl Group's 22nd album, featuring 37 horribly crafted original music videos.

BONUS FEATURES: Three original songs and videos (with secret online MP3 download 'coupon') available nowhere else. The songs are "Pelican Lengthy," "Up in Arms for Air Bear 33," and "Sober Car Suddenly Crashing." Trailer coming soon.

TVHG-DVD2: The Bleach Trilogy
Three short films: Home (watch online), Part 2 and Triumph of the Eye. Home was featured at the CoLab Film Festival.

BONUS FEATURES: A short documentary on the making of The Bleach Trilogy. Trailer coming soon

TVHG-DVD3: My Life in the Movies

1 Pygmy Jerboa 10.5.09
2 Rapid Antiquity 10.6.09
3 The Blood 10.7.09
4 Dashboard Bug 10.8.09
5 Giant Bubble 10.9.09
6 Normal Joy 10.10.09
7 Cliches and Glitches 10.11.09
8 Heavy Gloom 10.12.09
9 Brother Birthday 10.13.09
10 Tiny Moments 10.14.09
11 Easy Rain 10.15.09
12 Brave Blimp 10.16.09
13 Bad Flu 10.17.09
14 Cornered Feel 10.18.09
15 Discarded Pacifier 10.19.09
16 Undefined Nostalgia 10.20.09
17 Believable Aliens 10.21.09
18 Moon Raped 10.22.09
19 Soggy Feeling 10.23.09
20 Incessant Merriness 10.24.09
21 Popping Sound 10.25.09
22 Big Celebration 10.26.09
23 Pseudonym: Rachel 10.27.09
24 This Pirate 10.29.09
26 Mischief Night 10.30.09
27 Halloween Shooting 10.31.09
28 Cameraphone Tehran 11.1.09
29 Future Goggles 11.2.09
30 Gruffy Wisdom 11.3.09
31 Big Amazing 11.4.09
32 Lists Again 11.5.09 
33 Strange Scene 11.6.09
34 Saturday Sunrise 11.7.09
35 Sister Birthday 11.8.09
36 Whittled Grief 11.10.09
38 Sorta Misnomer 11.11.09
39 Silly Nor'easter 11.12.09
40 This Room 11.13.09
41 Pretty Fitting 11.14.09
For 41 days, I documented the monotony of life through low-resolution video, appropriate video, music and computer voice spoken word poetry. On the left is the tracklist of each individual 'episode' with links to ~2-second snippets of each poem on YouTube. If you hover over the tracklist with your mouse, you can read the poems in full. This is perhaps the only project where the pseudonymous artist (Vernon Howl) is substantially unmasked. This project's 'theme song' is "Goodbye Piano" by R. Stevie Moore.

BONUS FEATURES: Link to an e-chapbook featuring all 41 poems fully illustrated. Trailer coming soon.

TVHG-DVD4: Say Yes to the Dress: My 2011 in Moving Pictures
Buy on DVD: $11
free shipping

My first feature length film. Available in lo-res in its entirety, exclusively at (as well as streaming above right here)--this is ~30% of the quality of the DVD version. Also available: The original soundtrack via digital download and CDR.

BONUS FEATURES: Two instructional cooking videos (How to Make: "Healthy Hot Dog Surprise" & "A Swiss Cheese Sandwich") + over a dozen outtakes.