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"As I always say, art is what you make of it." -Vernon Howl

Very simple: One dollar ($1) + the current price of a stamp = mail art. "What? A dollar!" That's right. And if you can find another artist on the internet offering custom handmade art delivered right to your doorstep, we'll not only match their offer--we'll cut the price in 1/2. Don't delay, order today. MAIL ART! WATCH THE VIDEO!!


PRINT DIRECTORY (in alphabetical order): Each print or print series debuts on vernonhowl.com as a standalone blog post. You can browse these pieces via the tag #vh art.
[PRICING KEY: $$$$ = >1,000 $$$ = >100 $$= >40 $= >5 ¢= <5] ..... = THEORETICAL PRINT

3me/7: p1-3 $
Abraham Lincoln & Cheese $$
American Minor Leagues $
Awkward Conversations with the Lord, No.348 $
'Beth' giving Carrot Top head $
bubbleglum $
Butler Fieldsp ¢
Billy Joel photo I bought on eBay $
Charlie Sheen's Friends ¢
eBert $$$$
Flag $
gator with a rabbit butt demolishes the idea of time $
Gene Siskel (1946-1999) [Remix] ¢
Girl with a Crucifix Syringe $
glennsbeck ¢
Google Image Every Number $
Life is a Highway $
Little Love $$$
Mary Error $$$
New Swastika Nautica ¢
postwave $$
Shameless Self-Dalmation $
Snowy Mntn ¢
sunrisehorny ¢
Travis $
TSA Cumface $
Untitled Modern Loneliness $$$
World War 3G $$$

Examples: FAs #34, 29, 32
This fun serial project from Vernon Howl is now available in a full-on capitalist elitist FOR SALE version! If your fave fake album brought you here and you have $14.55 you would like to spend, just click the PURCHASE button below and enter what number Fake Album you would like to receive. But that's not all! If you order now, or at literally any other time, you will receive alongside your framed 8.5" x 11" print (actual print is jewel-case-sized and matted) a personalized mix CDR featuring 75-79 minutes of REAL original The Vernon Howl Group music. What are you waiting for, ya fuck? As always, shipping and handling is free.


three examples
(ID#s 61,30,55--top to bottom)
Do you like 4" x 6" photos? I bet you do. Vernon Howl is a very active amateur photog and he wants to sell you his shitty pictures he takes with his iPhone 4 and/or shitty digital camera. Simply go to this Flickr Set (you must be signed in), find some picture(s) you like, then return to this page and click the lil ADD TO CART button below and reference the photo # and name in your order. What exactly does $6.66 get you? It gets you the high quality glossy print of your choice, framed in some kind of cheap dollar store frame of which the back will be signed by Vernon Howl, AND a super secret prize! (Possibly a poem or a rubberband or feather, etc.) As always, shipping and handling is free.


Stay tuned for information on original Vernon Howl paintings and collage art.

Announcing Project: D.A.D.'s @ www.dadculture.us. A new day, a new drawing for sale. Since 2013.


Character Studies: 30 Comics, a tumblr. The original art for these is available for sale on a first come, first serve, best offer basis. Inquire within.


2 Nerdy Walruses. In early 2012, I created 75 comics, quote, as "my formal response to the cbs sitcom, 2 Broke Girls."

Stay tuned for information on original Vernon Howl sculpture art.

ART BOOKS DIRECTORY (in alphabetical order): All books are "one-of-a-kind" productions, mixing high art, low art, ephemera, journaling, collage, emo & punk rock.

Darwin Vigorously Fills My Wipeout [$350]
The Mental Meal Book coming soon!
RE-Demption Book coming soon!
Tomb Book coming soon!

#1 Tнє ƒσяєѕкιη σƒ νιѕυαℓ ∂ємσ¢яα¢у {$1.11}

#2 ¢σмѕιк ρσση {$2.22} coming soon!

Vernon Howl's large video art collection database now has its own page. See also: www.2013dotcom.biz.

LOL! (all the world's a stage)

Similar to Vernon Howl's $5 custom songs, the artist is available to create custom works for any occasion (eg, pet birthdays, Bastille Day) and on any topic (eg, womyn's suffrage, defunct arena football teams). Just ask him nicely and he'll send you a quote.

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