TVHG Inc. (record label) has released 51 full-length music albums by Vernon Howl / The Vernon Howl Group, and another 13 by side projects.

All records are for sale via a number of outlets, including hand-packaged CDRs directly from the artist, which include a mystery gift and a personalized custom song written just for you. Every album is also available for free download. All TVHG, Inc. music is licensed as work of the public domain. You are encouraged to share this music far and wide.

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custom songs are available without purchasing an album for $5 a piece here.

TVHG Inc. Full Catalog: Chronological List View (including Side Projects)
*Asterisk* denotes best-seller / recommended albums.

TVHG001: Likes
TVHG002: Likes 2

*TVHG003: Grundle Goo [by Decaf Spoon]
TVHG004: Slippin' Away [by Decaf Spoon]

TVHG005: Lost Dog [by Decaf Spoon]
TVHG006: Songs of the Unfinished Spine [USS1]
TVHG007: A Bright and Shiny Cure for Sexual Cancer
TVHG008: Alone and Spineless

TVHG009: Hide the Courage

*TVHG010: Fetus Junkie, Acts I-II
TVHG011: A Capella Lullabies from Hell, Vol. I

TVHG012: Born of Monster
TVHG013: Friendship by Knifepoint
TVHG014: Decaf Spoon: A Collection [by Decaf Spoon]
TVHG015: Sea of Bliss: The Cassette Tape Anthology
TVHG016: R.U. Ready 2 Rock?
TVHG017: Try Isemesisis

TVHG018: Songs of the Day
TVHG019: I & II [by Love Funeral]
*TVHG020: Trench [by Love Funeral]
TVHG021: Flowers and Dirt and Flowers [by Love Funeral]
TVHG022: The Disintegration of Values in Outerspace
TVHG023: Eveezi Salmz: Year One
*TVHG024: The Dingo
*TVHG025: The 2008 New York Yankees
TVHG026: New Spine Blues [USS2]
*TVHG027: Fake Songs About My Future Wife
*TVHG028: Lovefucker
*TVHG029: My Life the Daydream
TVHG030: Provender

TVHG031: Nothing I Own Works
TVHG032: January and June
TVHG033: Real Icicles
*TVHG034: Kill Beachwood
TVHG035: Toy Xylophone and Frost
TVHG036: Eveezi Salmz: Year Two
*TVHG037: The 9.8.09 Multnomah County Sheriff's Office 24-Hour Booking Log
TVHG038: Eveezi Salmz: Year Three
TVHG039: Ozzie Guillen's Twitter in Song: The First 253 Tweets
*TVHG040: Nonelucidating Ribozo
TVHG041: Next Stop

TVHG042: Hot Asphalt Blues
*TVHG043: The Time Machine
TVHG044: Spine Time [USS3]
TVHG045: Backbone of Regalia [USS4]
TVHG046: Twitpella, Vol. I: The Renaissance
TVHG047: Who's Got the Time?! Classic Albums Condensed
TVHG048: QPS: Quitter's Prep School
TVHG049: Lamatzah????
TVHG050: 9/11: The Album

TVHG051: Say Yes to the Soundtrack: Original Music Score
TVHG052: Pisses: 5.16.12-5.28.12
TVHG053: Twitpella, Vol. II: Smashed Economy
TVHG054: Inverted Pyramid [by Love Funeral]
TVHG055: Post Journalism Era [by Love Funeral]
TVHG056: Terminal Redistribution Dialysis [by Love Funeral]
TVHG057: The Return to Prejudice [by Love Funeral]
TVHG058: The Glorification of Victimization [by Love Funeral]

TVHG059: The Adorable Animals of Viral Video Impromptu Song Parade, Vol. I
TVHG060: NFL Kraut Rock Theme Songs
TVHG061: Twitpella, Vol. III: Vagary
TVHG062: Lion Boy
TVHG063: Strategy R [by Love Funeral]
TVHG064: Eveezi Salmz, Year Four
TVHG065: 64666: The Soundtracks
TVHG066: Evil
TVHG067: AA: The Ballads
TVHG068: 5,000 Anthems

TVHG069: Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book One: To)
TVHG070: Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book Two: From)
TVHG061: Twitpella, Vol. IV: The Numbness Game
TVHG072: Text Messages

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