CDR Buyer's Guide

Buying CDRs full of lo-fi music from strangers on the internet can be a scary experience.

But it doesn't have to be.

Here at, TVHG Inc. aims to bring you the best their discography has to offer. Every purchase of a CDR and/or CDR set is hand-burnt to quality discs. Some of our larger collections come on burnt media CDRs; these will not play on your home stereo system or the 6-disc changer in your Jeep Cherokee, but they do pack a bang for your buck.

Each purchase also comes with a special "Mystery Gift." This gift is truly a mystery. It could be a lock of the artist's hair or a pencil drawing of Tony Danza; a plastic army man or a cassette tape of scary Halloween noises. LITERALLY ANYTHING OMG.

And last but not least, each purchase includes a custom song written just for you! That's right, when you order, be sure to include the title of a song and/or notes on theme/content for an original work of music Vernon Howl will create within 8-10 weeks of ordering. You will receive a link via the email you used to order with your download. Wow, what a deal!

Oh, I didn't even mention the price. Just $8 for single CD albums! And if that wasn't cool enough, shipping is free.

If you have ANY questions about ordering and/or your order, please email us at vernonhowl at