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Lunamolasses & more

HOW THE SUPER MONSTERS MONSTER PETS MERCH ECONOMY RUINED MY LIFE I don't come about this post easily. Nothing about myself as person, down deep, wants to take a big fat poopoo on the Netflix® brand. Hell no, not after those quarter earnings. In this economy?! But let's be frank. This complete and utter bullshit that is the omittance of one Molasses the Sloth from this bedroom collection for adults is, frankly, disgusting. I am sick. I love Luna the Unicorn as much as the next chap. That little freak with her Moonbow Magic... a delight. I'm not denying that. But, hey folks... let's do what we can do, trapped at home as we all are. Let's get it trending:

posted by Verm¡n 🦅 H@wK, esq.


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