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I'm so sorry

FORGIVE ME? I waited this long to post about the minor league baseball team who wore the uniforms with a giant rendering of the dinosaur creature / "fake I.P. within real I.P." from the kids TV show, Ruggedrats. Now baseball season is over and I am on life support after my 17th stroke this week. That's too bad. That's too bad. Oh baby, that's too bad.

posted by Verm¡n 🦅 H@wK, esq.

These masks they're wearing are funny.

BRB ad nauseum, add an asterisk set to art rocks mouths are saying I can't see. Brrrr....

All in all, there are a lot of wounded spider monkeys in my mind, and, as I am cursed to do these posts, here in their already wretched second week, let me say to you dear readers who still follow this site for some ungodly reason, that it is the spider monkeys and not I, monsieur three, responsible for the farm part of this content farm. LFG as the NKOTB are want to Yelp.


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