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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW I would never lead you eStray, Dear Friend & Follower.If you are a client o' mine, you are a client for Life. By viewing my posts you make the Blogger's Promise, you enter in to a lifelong pact of respect of love and patronage. I'm currently drinking a sparkling water of citrus + Green T––a luxurious beverage. The Brand is, get this... "AHA" like the dumb expression yup you got it. But look closer. What do you see?
That''s right. What you thougt was some mom and popper brand infiltrating the local TarZAï, is actually a cold calculated move by one of the Greats.

The Coca-Cola Company

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it dont get better than that

2020... you can stay awhile ;)

posted by Verm¡n 🦅 H@wK, esq.


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