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I want another person with fingernails and I can bite them to feel like what biting fingernails that are not your own feels like

Look, there is a moriandim on Hastags now (what is this Nutsy Germany i wont cap-it-u-late to The Foreignn Actorsz running amok. It's min a binute since wwwiii or wwwwiiii (world wide web war four). I will speak nothing on any of the-se matter(s) Furher.

udpate: oh yea The old man retired again. so it's just me&u (the great ADMIN, milk blade, trรผ EiC, and.... u). Back in a hat.


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  Here. We. Go.

TGIF Friday

I am once again thinking about how the Founding Fathers probably had diarrhea constantly #usa #history #poop #founders #toiletpaper

Andrew "Shadow Ban" Yang: Why is Big Social Silencing this man and his gang?


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