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❝whst is animal crossing, A Parable

Websters dictionary defines "parable" as
❝a usually short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle
those who know me know that i am not a gamer. I do not know what Animal Crossing is, if i had to guess i would say it is Final Fantasy for the Furries community. I think that's probably right But in my seeking to better understand the world around me, this world, whtether or i like it or not that has become saturated no INFESTED by these "Animal"s and their constant "Crossing".. then it is in well within reason to guess taht hey yeah i'll be doing a little reaseaerch on the topic.

i am not Mr Morality so to speak, far from it. I've been called many things but some religious zealot? u can leave that hootenanny at the door please & thank you, not for me. But I do believe in a little something i like to call the Parameters of Good taste. and it seems to me that the culture on the whole has a one way ticket to the outskirts of that there jurisdiction.

what,matters, is... when we get there–our faces glued to our phones(the real virus?)–will be venture off into that unknown?

the questions in life i am interested in our not easy ones. i dont believe in the Easy Way Out. but it is ok to look at a future that could be, that could be true if we give into our most base desires, the frivilous nature of these Gamers and their GAmer Gates that they clamor for us (normal folk) to pass through. The Parameter is littered with these Gates(the famous #Gates of #GamerGate, make no MisTAKE, as the childrens rhyme goes).

Listen. i am not here to debate wheterh debating whether the chameleon and beaver are in fact dating is a moral issue or an animals rights one or something in between. its not my place to say. so let me just say this. I see u. I hear u. and i am here for you, in these challenging and Very confusing times. My DM's are as they say, Open.


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