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tw - Google Search (what more u need to know??)

Now here is a good post 👇
wel well well u can go ur whole life and "not notice the changes" that Big Tech makes if you arent "paying attention to things."

Lucikly, with this blog bookmarked on your web portal of choice, yalls dont have to – leave it to me (Milk B, editor-in-cheef- of this fine website) to bring you "the things u need 2 know"

So while youwere sleeping sound (Zzz) The Google Company made a big change to "how search works" (search= their bread n butter so to speak)

Now when you start to write a word or even just letters, the gods of goo (Google Tech Employees) have predetermined {"the good shit u need to see"}

This is not unlike how in Minority Report(2002) the Pre-Cog (water bitches) could see Crime happening "in the future" and then tell Tom Crusie to go get those bad boys asses and haul them into the precinct for Cyber Punishment. (Good flick, btw if you hvent seen it - it gets the A+ Movie Seal of Approval)

take the above example:

i mearly write in the letters "t" and then "w" and i am given all i need

Google has read my mind. I dont really remember now what "TW__" word i was trying to search for and it doesnt matter - cuz noW i got a New MOVIE and a New BAND on my radar. (Ed note: in this case, i had in fact seen the movie, my review. but that is neitherh ere nor there)

This is the first result of for "twelve foot ninja" who by the horribly unfuny skit at the beginning of this "music video" seem like they are from the "land downunder" aka Austrailia

i am not sure about these guys. they seem really bad. but i have to Trust the Algorithm. This is the band i know now. This is my band. this is My Favorite Band. I am 1 of the 6+ million who need this in their life.....

Hey guys, this is Vernon Howl making a rare Addendum to The Post. Unfortunately, after watching this music video, Milk Blade our esteemed Editor and Post Maker and Web Master Extraordinaire, shoved several pencils into his eyeballs and earholes. He is expected to make a recovery but the road is likely a long and painful one. Let us keep him in our prayers. Thanks for reading MY blog.


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