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Quincy Jones's "Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)" and how it ruined my life [Demonetization Hell]

Id like to tell yall a story....
You can, be drifiting. Ina nd outta lanes. In life. And noever be awake, or consious of ur surroindings the deeper meaning the greater goood..

This was me. and i found myself in the aisle of a chain department store i like to call it a Small Box dept store b/c it is not Big and not usually inside regular malls but relegated to the lowly Strip Malls of New JErsey. now, this is no slight, not on my end anywyas, i admire the hell out of the SMofNJ's and i wish them nothing but the best :::: ie, FERAL DILAPIDATION.

so let me now tell you how Quincy Jones's "Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)" ruined my life, sending me a spiralin' straight into "Demonetization Hell"

The Content Gods were hot on my ass, and had been for weeks. it wasnt typically in my Nature to "steal " or "Listen 2 music." far from it . I was raised a simple man. i was born on a silver deli slicer. my breath stills smells of hot n wet salam even though i have not consumed the wretched processed meats of Italy in many a Year, a fortnight perhaps. I love The Clearance Rack and u will find me there often, with baited breath, drooling like a fool at.. THE EPIC DEALZ. deals Heaven is real, and i have seen it. it lives inside of me stronger now, in isolation, than perhaps ever before.

Before the virus this much was Clear: Department Stores in SMofNJ's (and the Outer realms) love playing SMOOTH JAZZ. The reasons behind this are not clear, Mysterious at best. but the kind of Mystery that doesnt want to be solved necessarily, much like the podcast SERIAL.

w/o SMOOTH JAZZ it has been reported by Business Insider™ that the Small Box Dept Store Industry would lose upwards of 25 billion in revenue each Quarter! to hell w/ that!! So i get it. But i also have to live my Truth. These 2 things can, saDly, not co-inside. And so there i found myself: somewhere 1/2-way betwixt French Creek and Gamers Heaven. no mans land. i didnt want to pay the piper with Demonetization Hell but then again, what say did i have in the matter. Q. Jones was coiming for my ass. I call that cat the Porcelain Warrior. he is fragile but cruel., so cruel. i see in his eyebrows to arches over the gates to a heLL. Not the D.H. zone i am well versed with but some really Devil in Red River shit. some ghoulish truly scary stuff. The "Thriller" video on acid. 

and so ff»» to today: This Post. What am ai supposed to do now? well its called PAYBACK and it is truly a bitch mr. Jones. have at it, sir...
what we see here is a warning
a call
Mr. Q
this crude rendering is for your eyes only
it is a message
that i wont take this abuse
"lying down"


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