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Ok here me out... occasionally i am visited by spirits in the night and they are mostly good. They tell me things, things about the future, what layeth on the Horizon. etc.

But occasionally im broughten news of a foreboding Nature, and it crushes my soul to report it

This is one of those instances

The spirit cried..
u will be brought to your knees at a future date my son... wheneth the Geico Lizard and the Chantix (cold) turkey have mated and become 1 thru "brand synergy" to hawk a new Product. The GEICO CHRIST CRISTALS (chantix flavored). oH the horror of this moment in time. there is no future after this as all humanity will be hooked so on the cystals that "Life as we know it" will cease to exist... Lifeless souls roaming a Baron earth, seeking the munch of them rocks,needing wanting nothing else........ imsosorry


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