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I have a piece of paper that your definitely not gonna wanna "Flatten "

we are living in interesting times
So, your a midwesterner... picture yourself, your life.

What does it look like?
The Ruby Tuesdays are closed, rats have overtaken the insides of every Dunkin Donuts –– when you pull up to the driveway you see the scared workers fending off the rabid tiny but fierce beasts with broom sticks... you smdh 😰
your sick and tired of it
You understand HOW PAPER WORKS
that paper is meant to be squashed into a ball and shot into the damn trash can
You dreamt of playing the NBA afterall.
You see the light at teh end of the Tunnel and it is screaming
Give me Applebees or give me Death
Eating good in the neighborhood in this economy? me thinks not sir

Listen, i get it. Your reading this thinking What the hell is this dude doing. ? seriously, why are u wasting your time when you could be doing some Real Writing©

and you know waht your not wrong
this is a loada crap, for sure it is.
adn the state of this world ...
that aint helping either MARK MY WORDSZSZSZZZ

all i can say is that i feel compelled to do it.
from this juncture on. There will only be 1 New Post each day on this fair site. And as for the #Covidiary and #Podcasts? Well they were always 1 and the same anyway, and theyre kinda their own thing so just go to if you have any interest in that terrible bullcrap

So there you have it, MAy the 8th @ 9am a new era for 1 Day=1 Post - it's all u ingrates get or deserve ferankly and its all my Busy Schedule allows tbh - "let them eat cake -milk_blade


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