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I keep lookng for good content to put on my site so i can say, in good faith to my friends and family: pls look upon my webpage good sir or maddam. But its so hard these days!! to come up with the good stuff, you need a mind of gold and a steely desire. i find, in these days of iso panicky depression, that this is not My Default State. I wish and I try and I keep going, tho... it's aLL i can do. But take it as i may, to find, the horror, that there was not even a single post devoted to "bedbugs" on this Fair Site.... #Shame. I felt it deeply and I know, I KNOW, deep down, that I can and I WiLL do better. Thankyou.


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I am once again thinking about how the Founding Fathers probably had diarrhea constantly #usa #history #poop #founders #toiletpaper

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