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Guillermo del Toro has terrible taste

This is not about Guillermo del Toro (GdT), fine gentleman by all accounts

Drag Culture is not necessarily something i want to be a part of. But sometimes in life ya just gotta call a spade a spade (not racist, its a "card playing" term)

OZARK sux. And this is coming from someone who has in fact watched all three seasons of OZARKs. It sucked Season1 as hard as it did Season3 and all pts in btwn. so im not fixin 2 drag mr GdT, he of the many good to somewhat great movies (is there a classic in the delTorography? maybe Pans Labby??)

i wont get into all the myriad reasons the 'ZARK sux and can suck it. They are, in fact, MYRIAD. and i dont use that word lightly... The most presing issue is the horrible Writing. this shit flows like it was written by a 17 year old who just figured out what the term "money laundering" means, hint: it aint about the dam whites and colors needing seperation (again, not racist, that's a laundry reference)

so - allow this post to be a true warning about potential #TVCasualty. avoid 'the ZArK? Yup, at all costs. Maybe we can get it trending?



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