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Disney is turning our children ▢▢▢

This is, fucking maddening i say. u ever feel like your asleep for 1000 years and then something makes u wake up from said slumber and then, all of  a sudden, the damn dominoes they fall. they fall in line like a perfect map illuminated and at the X at the end u see Your Future and all that it holds, true Enlightenment. the godly way.

i am not trying to say that 100% of Disney is evil. But its' at least 75%-80%... i think it stoped being Evil around 2009 or whenever it was they realeased that Princess and Frog cartoon movie. A highwater mark for them in terms of "retreating from the ways of the dark soul"... But  clearly in the post Star Wars Universe, they ar fully commited to their previous mission)s) and these Ventures are as black as the blackest Night.

Move towards the Light, children.

it is the only way to defeat the House of Mouse.


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