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Ø The Cult of Philip "mac" Ressler

This is difficult to post..
this is the story of a New Zealand Teenager wh o plotted to ruin my life and His Master (Philip) who was behind it all. it is not an easy story for me to tell...

Social Media? a blessing and a curse if u ask me. what with the passwords and the posting, the sharing and following: It can All feel "a little much" No Questions about it.

i did not want this man in my life

nor did i want the Anonymous Teen Troll some 3-4 years later to enter it, ostensibly at the mercy of the man himself (Phil). I wont go so far as to call him a Hacker although he seems wellversed in That World.

what is clear is that "mac" wanted my soul.

he wanted it for war his Faith, his War, his

but i wasnt so ready to "give it up"

perhaps i sHall continue this story at a later juncture?
i feel i am being watched (again) @ this moment and do not feel safe Contiuning On. i am sorry


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