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Diamond Monkey v Monkey Snake
i wish to hear nothing more of 'this symbolism' if u say 1 more thing Ironically than i will seek to cut off ur arms @ the elbow. The Data is in, and It suggests "otherwise"... u Morons are complicit with the b.s. and all the animals are rising up. Any Big Cat in captivity or The Wild™ that catches the Virus will only emerge Stronger ulike us Sadsack humans, sad human garbage. They will 'tribe off' of course , naturally, into2 factions: that of the Diamond Monkey and the Monkey Snake,, make not mistake their war will come after the War of Our Own. which they will happily lap up on the perimeter doing what wild animals do... So I cannot comment on that matchup, this Post is not a Sports Report but just good ole fashion Content. and its what youve come to expcet and i , am happy 2 deliver.


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