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Q - DAY 43C

The true bitch of it!
The true bitch of it do be that sometimes I just be feeling like hot garbage and I know that sustained improvement re life choices will impact that hot garbage feeling, flip it around and reverse it even (!) (😃), but I just can't wrap my head around it ( i n • t h e • m o m e n t ) (as it were) (so to speak). Instant Gratification™ and that sorta thing and what not etc ∞∞∞⇉6.

And so I'm trying this intermittent fasting thing today, something I've utilized in the past more or less unknowingly... and OK sure, I snacked after my lunchtime smoothie but I didn't snack that "badly" (are Craisins© bad?) and that's kinda built into the 16-8 concept, correct?  

What Else Wednesdays
For "my block" of the homeschooling, I've decided to adopt a more hands-off approach. This is a seventeen-fold improvement in that allows me to stay sane, my daughter to feel less pressure, me to do "other things" and [14 other things]. I also don't care anymore if this is impacting her "education" or not. Not to brag, but she's pretty smart. But she's also 5. At this juncture, lessons learned or lessons lost are far less important than just getting to the other side of this thing without an overgrowth of animosity, the weight of which I imagine almost literally attaching itself to our skin, a hard cheese-like layer that we'd then have to work tiny knives against to remove sometime down the line. Let's not let the cheese form to begin with!


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