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Tough time for bookies and websites alike.
it's a Tough time for bookies and websites alike... Sports are just not the same anymore ever since Sports went away. your Local Degenerate Gambler needs to get his fix needs to get his damn jollies hot. Now whats he gonna do?? Well there's a new boy in town and he is sexy AF. Im talkin' Belarisian Soccer. Is the virus hitting in Belarus? are they immune? and if so shouldnt we be harvesting them/their blood etc to fix the good people of THIS country? one could argue

but that is simpyl not the case :(

As it turns out, you can learn a lot if you learn a little about BELARUSIAN ⚽.
this thing has it all - the glitz the glam the fireworks and fans.
u name it.
u tune in to some Belarus Soccer (futbol in their neck of the woods *wink*) and ur in for a good time even if u dont have any money on the line

ME? I have got money on the line. I need to feed my family. This blog is not geting the Hits it used to get. Im so hungry my children are crying pls send help


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