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Q - day 50: Unearthing

I am not an unreasonable man
The earth guy revival. Hi I'm the Earth guy and I love to turn scum into gold. The possums are eating fine streusel again. We had to unlock their bowels. They love it. They love life like me the earthguy. Jus Google d "rabies shark" as my daughter plays guess that tune on kazoo. I think I'm onto something here. A new and untapped revenue stream my God. This is a eulogy for the pizza moment because it's ok. We are all weirdo's for the orange squish. Take it for granted or take it or leave it. Sam difference. Give it up for the conductor Tito boxhead. I love u all.


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  Here. We. Go.

TGIF Friday

I am once again thinking about how the Founding Fathers probably had diarrhea constantly #usa #history #poop #founders #toiletpaper

This is Seriously (just) a Test™

#hotcont #click #yasqueen Pls BEAR w/ me

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