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Q - day 51: Chinchillas

I'm speaking to you son
I found my face not to be my own moreso than at any other juncture of my dumb life. When I touched my chin it felt like my finger could just keep going. Up into my brains but maybe my mouth would chomp it first like an alligator, primordial protector of the damn good thoughts. This goes out to one Jose Perez I'm pretty sure you're the only Jose Perez on the planet and you will get this transmission lickety split no problem. Your dead to me. I'm coming for your head. You can put as many periods between as you want I only see ellipsis's. This sentence will not end untjl your dead sentence. Fool. U and kuhan and tj or whatever. Your "profiles" sick. Call this a warning or whatever. But actually
... It's too late.


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