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Q - day 52: Unwanting

Cranky Anna's Ode to a Tome
Such is what it's like having a brain a brain for these times. I am the dingo not the sloth though both are worthy i.m.o. they need each other. I need to make a map of the fake lands. the lands themselves aren't fake but the things i am putting inside them they are fake. it's okay. okay dough J. sto pthe DJ from committing vehicilar man Slaughter. I am th esloth emoji The eSloth so cute not cute like Apple Friend or the "phrazes" in my brain its' all jus phases raises the dead like her own. the mother. the equipment. the Ballyhooooooooo. Supple fabric ride or die. Punish my peeppee hole with a curling iorn sir and play baby shark on the biggest amplifiers around at my funeral until the social distancing mourners are anxiety puking their guts out their guts out full have live goldfish forever now set free.


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