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🐍 The people have spoken 🐍

Make Elizabeth Warren a full-time SNL cast member NOW!
How long does this have to go on for? The people have spoken. You might say that the 12% (I hear they are calling themselves The 12 and are all getting matching tattoos) of Washington State are total idiots. Clueless fools who decided to throw away their right to vote in protest. But, then again, my friend, you clearly aren't familiar with a little thing called the "long con." Elizabeth Warren isn't trying to be Lady President 1.0... hell no! She's trying to worm her way (snake, if you will) onto the full-time cast of Saturday Night Live, dummy! As Billie Eilish would say, "duh." Anyway, I don't live in a state that has any bearing (none WHATSOEVER) on that other thing. But let this blog post FOR THE RECORD me my humble plea to join The 12: Make Elizabeth Warren a full-time SNL cast member NOW! I'll scream it from every mountaintop till the day I die. Kate McKinnon's not getting any younger.


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