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Announcing: Cage-atus

Sad, sad day folks...

It is with genuine sadness that I must announce... The Year of Cage is going on Hiatus (Cage-atus). I was super excited for this project, really I was. It was more work than I anticipated and I was a bit slow getting new chapters out there, but damn, I always had fun cobbling the posts together when I had the time. And now, sadly, I really have no time. Homeschooling a kindergartener with an infant in the house + doing a full-time job + dealing with pandemic anxiety.... concessions must be made. And first to the chopping block is this project. I'll still be watching movies when I can and I'll still be doing movie reviews as often as my time allows and those will all be available at the movie review site when they're ready, and I'll try to keep adding to that site's archive as well. The old archive will forever remain intact too. So, that's that :(

Stay safe out there and if you have extra free time on your hand because of this thing, FUCK YOU I'M JEALOUS! Seriously though, let's get rid of this virus so I can start watching bad Nicolas Cage movies again, OK? Kapeesh? 


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