Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fake Album #160: Cam

1. Look Now
2. Passive Engagement is the One True Love
3. iFolk (A Vlogger's Anthem)
4. Desperate Pleas
5. They're Called Bookworms for a Reason, Lowlife
6. Unhackneyed Honeyeaters
7. The Sectional
8. Intrusive Rouse (Song for Ted Turner)
9. See N. End (Her Life)
10. Cam
11. Postpunk Production Syndrome
12. Life of a Bit
13. Red Circles
14. Elevator Flatscreen Festivity Fight
15. Aerosmith
15. The Sun
17. Oxeye
18. CNNers (Unite!)

This fake album sounds like the album cover is a blown-up version of the little camera icon uses to alert readers that a particular news item is 'video content' and not 'written word content'. This fake album fake suggests that in the fake future all content will be video content and people will be like, words what the heck are they?! Fake Pitchfork rating: 7.0

To purchase a print of this beautiful fake album cover for an affordable price go here. And please utilize this link to view the master list of every fake album by Vernon Howl.

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