Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fake Album #154: Alone with the Lasagna

1. This is What It's Like Now
2. 1600 Snakes
3. CD Sunglasses
4. Afforest
5. Everything So Weird (And Beautiful)
6. Linking Nebraska
7. Trapeze over the Ocean
8. Motion Goes Through
9. The Letterbomb
10. Finish Sonatina
11. Can't Bear It Anymore
12. Elegant Trap Incision
13. Befell
14. Willow is Isotropic
15. Daylight Ave.
16. In Reparations

This fake album sounds like it's posing quite the interesting question: when certain men are left "alone with the lasagna" what will they do? How will they react when it's just a room, their own devices and a steaming hot dish of lasagna? The answers may surprise you. Fake Pitchfork rating: 4.5

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