Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fake Album #108: Kiff Zipple's Blues

1. August Has Been Over for a Month
2. A Stranger Ungulate I've Never Seen
3. I Am My Favorite Television Show
4. So Much for September
5. The Moon All Over You Always
6. Broken Rock Riddle Grave
7. August, Come Back
8. The Sleepover Shit Crock Wiggle
9. Hung Denim Dreams
10. For Nothing to Portend a New Riddle Dew

This fake album sounds like a collection of 6-8 minutes, lushly produced tracks of suburban longing. But with a pickled, digital twist! Think old drunkard alone in a kitchen, noodling on an out-of-tune guitar, wailing a poetic moan alongside his gearhead nephew's bleep-bloop production. Sure! Fake Pitchfork rating: 8.0

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