Thursday, May 31, 2012

TVHG Sampler #1: Summer 2012

For a limited time, request a FREE CDR with 25 of the best The Vernon Howl Group hits to date. That's right: It's the 1st ever TVHG Sampler! Also available as a stream and free download at Bandcamp. I will mail out 25 CDRs to whoever the heck emails me their name and address first: vernonhowl[at] BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. Each CDR will come with a bonus 26th song track: A personalized "thank you" song. REALLY? Really! BUT I'M NOT. STOPPING. THERE!! The first 10 people to contact me will also receive some kind of special art thing: a collage or tiny sculpture (some shit like that). WOW! WHAT A DEAL!! (I KNOW!!!)

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