Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fake Album #105: Keepers

1. Dig Up the Piano
2. Rusty Allocution
3. Oio 7000C
4. Oregonian Romance Depot
5. And That is You
6. Termite Melody
7. Prefer
8. The Dopest Pop Refrain
9. Eyes of Boat Alone
10. So Much 4 Too Much
11. 2 Notes
12. Either Easter or the Rain
13. Organ Performance Teapot
14. Ukele Oysters
13. Oceans Moving
14. Emo Shun
15. Steep Novack
16. Leave Me, Be Me, Beat Me to the Punch
17. Orange Crutch
18. Shipping
19. Touch (Everywhere)

This fake album sounds like it was trying real hard to be a collection of short to medium-length acoustic pop songs but is really just a boring, melody-lacking mess. Fake Pitchfork rating: 2.3

To purchase a print of this beautiful fake album cover for an affordable price go here. And please utilize this link to view the master list of every fake album by Vernon Howl.

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