Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fake Album #91: For Crying, Out Loud: Happy? None Too Many

1. Ugh Bug Cacciatore
2. Luminous Props
3. Let's Stock Pile Weapons!
4. Courageous Pusher of Young Men Off Cliffs
5. E-Bating Bungee Cords (Of Death)
6. Crystal Pasta Ego
7. Third World Buffet in Manhattan
8. Alfredo Mustache (On the Bluesman's Face)
9. A Short Life Universal
10. Comma Comes in Wavelengths
11. Netflix My Lifestream (On Demand in Indigo)
12. Nervous Energy in Every Word You Consume
13. Reticent Percentage
14. Spaghetti Matrix
15. Song of Lingering Gashes
16. The Waltz of Wavering Proxy (Tyke's Song)
17. Massive Passivity / Excellent Ocean
18. Snide Sneeze Betrayal
19. I Eye I
20. The Coma of Dreams

This fake album sounds like a good mix of quirky kids-pop gems ("Comma Comes in Wavelengths") and more serious material ("Crystal Pasta Ego"). Fake Pitchfork rating: 7.3

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