Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fake Album #102: Concrete Penis

1. 17th Peppermint Mindswell
2. Sorry Sodapop and Strumpet Binge
3. Your Dormant Desire Awakened by a Braille Fortune Cookie Fortune
4. Filament Scintillation
5. I Am an Octopus with Sucker-less Tentacles (Why?)
6. Suckle My Tentacles, Ty
7. Who Believes in Satanic Termites?
8. Pregnant Glass
9. Fasting in a 7-Eleven with a Midget Named Steve
10. Saki Crack Shots
11. Punk Cyborg in Denver
12. The Bastard of 5th Grade Ghosts
13. Risk Reworked with Extra Reward

This fake album sounds like it is probably very idiosyncratically sophomoric and whatnot. Fake Pitchfork rating: 8.8 [Fake Best New Music Tag]

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