Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fake Album #101: Ambient Domesticat

1. Yuri Gagglehope
2. The Spleen Crushers of Nuremberg (1973)
3. I Coined a Phrase Because the Mint Rotted My Teeth
4. Pestilence Dropkicked Humanity
5. Bossanova Sop
6. Dunes of Meaningful Regret
7. (Becoming the) Ambient Domesticat
8. Domesticated Rust
9. Fang Fort, Wisconsin
10. Fishing Part 2
11. Purple Train (Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Bermuda)
12. Ashley Was Your Ankle Brace
13. Getting More and More Meaningless
14. I Shot JFK (No I Didn't Haha)
15. Vulgar Gumption
16. Marriage Stats in San Jose
17. It's a Beautiful Day by U2

This fake album sounds like it might have the best fake album cover of all-time. Cats rule everything around me. CREAM. Get the money. Dollar, dollar bill y'al. Fake Pitchfork rating: 7.8

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