Friday, February 17, 2012

#LogoGate: 50-year-old secret revealed! Nike steals logo from old Newport cigarette packages

As first broken on Twitter at 9:57am this morning, the cat is out of the bag (as they say). The very famous Nike swoosh logo design was stolen from an upside down box of Newport menthol cigarettes. Clearly, graphic designer Carolyn Davidson was enjoying a Newport menthol cigarette, perhaps lying down on her bed after smoking a blunt, and she noticed the cool-ass design of the old Newport logo. Then she was probably like, "Oh damn, this is upside down. I bet I can just steal this and use it to make the most recognizable sports and sneaker brand on the planet!" As of press time @Nike had yet to respond to my tweets. I will of course follow up on this story as more develops.

(Note: The above Newport logo was procured from an advertisement in a 1964 commemorative issue of Life magazine (the death of JFK special edition). It is being utilized in an original Vernon Howl collage entitled "JFK in Space," forthcoming 2012.)

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