Friday, February 24, 2012

Fake Album #79: Soundtrack to Rubbing One Out On My Ex-Lover's Doorknob (Raw Meat Exposure Edition)

1. Overt Maniacal (Room Melts Introduction) -inst.
2. Perfect Pussy in the Pantry
3. The Christmas Fight -inst.
4. 44th Reconciliatory Mirage (Vandals of Heartbreak) -inst.
5. The Flight Out of Egypt -inst.
6. I'll Find You Falling and I'll Catch You
7. Masturbatory Sweet -inst.
8. Eleanor Jacobs (Caitiff of 5F) -inst.
9. Cops! -inst.
10. Loving You Won't Be Any Easier (When I'm in Jail)

This fake album sounds like the fake soundtrack to a fake experimental movie about a psychopath who can't stop masturbating outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment. The only single, "I'll Find You Falling and I'll Catch You," was a minor fake hit. Overall, musically, it's best described as acoustic prog. Fake Pitchfork rating: 3.9

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