Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fake Album #76: Merkin

1. We Need to Make This Last All Night
2. Up and Down with Brevity
3. 4:55 PM
4. Fox Box
5. Zaftig Culture
6. The Lady is Perfection
7. Rapid Man Snafu
8. Lots
9. Wink
10. Betwixt Angry Avalanches
11. Summer Rites
12. Beach Snoozer
13. Insatiable Phobophobia
14. She's My Sarcophagus
15. Vintage Glint
16. Wallop Out the Moon
17. Loveletter
18. Chasing the World
19. It's Late Evening in My Heart
20. Cutest Badger of Your Heart

This fake album sounds like a fake b-side collection made by a real rock band trying to sound new wave late into their 40s. Fake Pitchfork rating: 5.1

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