Monday, February 20, 2012

Fake Album #75: Giggles of Hurting You

1. Talk Bomb
2. Still the Owl
3. Sacrifice Your All Alone
4. The Makings of a Stillborn Feeling
5. You Have Everything
6. Hypothetical Ifs and Sand Sifting Waifs
7. Jump Rope, Jesus Christ…Who Wants More?
8. Degeneratestewardess
9. Poison the Party Drugs (Fluffy Alibi)
10. Keep My Head Over Your Heart
11. Tight Red Dress Face
12. Sandscraper Skyshark (Talking In Its Sleep)
13. Horrid Gambit (Stabbed 47 Times)
14. Jesus-4-All and the Justice Freak
15. Deathless Fear in the Ultrahungry Nightgore
16. Trills, Quills and Sexual Pills
17. The 13th Song/Lonely Podium (Ponies in Purgatory)
18. Venerable and Pensive
19. Race Through the Maze
20. Mulligan for Steven
21. Salukis Run Amok
22. Triage Banker
23. Treasure Chest of Ladies
24. Mace and Macaroni
25. Stupid Loophole
26. Mastodon Man
27. Risky Lunatic
28. I’m Trying
29. Burper
30. To the Quickest End: Epiloguerillairlines

This fake album sounds like a collection of far more straight-ahead sounding songs than its (mostly) weird song titles would suggest. Fake Pitchfork rating: 7.3

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