Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fake Album #71: Americun Liez & Laisers

1. Childhood Throat Slash: Symbol & Reality
2. Not Docile (No More)
3. Schwitttters
5. Poetic Rally Cry Diverted
6. Dog Bone
7. Thing That We Did in a Day
8. Americun Liez & Laisers (Come Maye)
9. Comptroller Blues
10. Radioactive Marching Band
11. The Best Book is a Novel
12. The Swift Undoing
14. (Kan)
15. Yearr
16. The Summer Drugs
17. Bosston
19. Fortunate Samb
20. Corporate Coma and the Cids
22. Vacate Shun (All I Ever Wounded)

This fake album sounds like a chaotic mess of punk, fake perfect for our troubled times. Fake Pitchfork rating: 8.0

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