Monday, January 30, 2012

Fake Album #60: Familiar Blur

1. Dire Dad and Me
2. The House Fire
3. Headache Clouds
4. Kid Combat
5. Innocent Mob Trance
6. Yule Zoom
7. Tapestry Quack (Boredom)
8. 55 Alive
9. Post-Magnificent Bloom Wake
10. Long Wilts the Grime of Our Love
11. It's Each Day a New Song
12. Devil Lake
13. Sappy Lateral
14. Requested Survival
15. This is the Command
16. Bedroom
17. Sill-Sitter, Shitty Drinker
18. Wrong Cum Bubble
19. Easterly Revisions
20. In the Night Sweet Air Revisiting
21. Earth.0
22. Tiger to Rile Up the Nothingness
23. Advertising (23)
24. Polka Coda Toadstool

This fake album sounds like a bunch of jumpy punk songs that are about a very average suburban family. Fake Pitchfork rating: 7.0

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