Monday, January 9, 2012

Fake Album #45: Bill Your Local Spaceman for His Crimes

1. Latex Felatio
2. Red State Monkey Meltdown
3. Pickled is the Stew
4. Horrific Comeuppance
5. Bill Your Local Spaceman for His Crimes
6. Night Type
7. Pompous Moody Thing
8. Caring for Arches
9. Realistic Portrait of a Man
10. Frowning Sex Scandal
11. Topsoil Remix
12. Delete the Triple Threat
13. War Baby Wombat
14. Quickest Ticklish Caveman
15. Get Out of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines
16. Ultra Deep Reflections of the Night
17. Dipshit Staples Dieter
18. Wrongly Accused in Baton Rouge
19. Simple Kid Comes Up Big
20. Perfect Reflective Toaster Mirage
21. Whalebones Arranged All Fishy
22. Jock Such Madness
23. Three Gibbons vs. the Zoo
24. Morse Code Combat
25. Mock Touch Tragic
26. She of the Elephant Heart
27. Police Fags Feel the Heat
28. Don't Let My Heart Float Away on the Life Raft
29. Mite Gripe
30. Pop Outro Downshift

This fake album sounds like a major return to roots-based, keyboard-driven alt pop. Some were lukewarm but that is only because their bitter hearts are so heavy on the inside that all their other internal organs are weighted down and working so hard that they are squishing out pollutants and other shit that eventually seep into the brain. Fake Pitchfork rating: 6.5

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