Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ART: "LBTTP" by Vernon Howl

orig dimensions: 600x448px

A print meant to commemorate the 3,410th tweet by comedian/actor/activist Levar Burton (host of television's "Reading Rainbow" program). On October 30th, 2011, Mr. Burton sent a picture to his followers via along with a very simple message: "Simi Valley Sunset..." Now, and for a very limited time (this image macro is only available in a numbered run of three [3!] prints), Vernon Howl has frozen forever this moment in photographical history by selling Mr. Burton's print without his permission and with text on it that says "LEVAR BURTON TOOK THIS PHOTO" (LBTTP) for just a shade over 78 buckaroos. Each print comes numbered on the back of the high-quality wooden frame (painted hot pink, by request only), either "1 of 3" or "2 of 3" or "3 or 3" with number sticks like you can buy at a hardware store for your mailbox. These prints WILL sell probably because each one comes with a dollar store plastic toy partially melted and possibly covered in spray paint or regular paint. Act now! As always, shipping and handling is free.



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