Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ART: "Charlie Sheen's Friends" by Veron Howl

orig dimensions: 440x369px

This is the first theoretical print of 2012. What does that mean?? Well, when you buy a theoretical print you aren't getting anything. You are basically making a small donation (typically under a dollar but sometimes $765.43) to TVHG Inc. It's a good cause. We are a for-profit 401K HTML occupational therapist training company / certified pre-owned (CPO) dealer with all our rabies shots intact. Today's print is a screencap from a webcam thing Charlie Sheen did at the very onset of his 15 minutes of uber-meme famousness back in 2011 (AKA #winning). These are two of his friends. In honor of the "15 Minutes... etc." concept, this print is only $0.15.


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