Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fake Album #38: The American Radiohead

1. Crust Punk Rebellion
2. Richless Yikes and Headless Spikes!
3. Sofi Don't Snitch (Unlike Her Asian Friends)
4. Cradles of Rage
5. Your Bear
6. Godtalk Catchiness Got Me Down (The Televangelist's 17th Memo)
7. President Obama in the Black Ass Whimsical
8. Twonkle
9. Phantom Twin
10. Sponkle
11. The Moneyshot Killed My Wife
12. Gay Bar Race Riot
13. Let It Be
14. Dog Shit Mafia
15. I Sleep in Spandex (And I Wet the Bed)
16. Right Rock
17. Homosexual Dolphin Sperm Turned My Ass Straight
18. Chu Chu
19. Cumith on My Zenith (2003)
20. Zenith Pooper
21. Parity in the UKA
22. Song 22
23. Radiodead

This fake album became the 2nd fake P4K 10.0 of all-time amidst a blizzard of controversy. Consisting of childish poopoo music and super ambient and scattered futuristic African drumbeats, the record was so ahead of its time that critics had no choice but to love it even though it was pretty average. However, noted UK outfit Radiohead took total fake umbrage with the whole concept. They even attempted to record a 'battle record' in response. But it fake flopped so bad that Thom Yorke committed suicide. Pretty sad stuff. Fake Pitchfork rating: 10.0 [Fake Best New Music Tag]

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