Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fake Album #28: Pennythought Abuse: Wakefield in Transit

1. 7 Days in the Venom
2. Sick Mickey Mantle, Part II
3. Haleakala
4. Forged Lines on the Face of God
5. Wakefield's Realization
6. The Tadpolebearer
7. White Light Disco
8. The Partition
9. Tadpoledancer
10. Slinger of Slog
11. Time Rapist Union Organize Now!
12. The Cherished
13. The Castrated Duckling
14. White Dog of Death
15. Spin

This fake album sounds like a concept record about Major League Baseball pitcher Tim Wakefield in the year 2051. After stem cell regenerative surgery he is able to throw his knuckleball again and is a middle reliever for the Long Island Ducks minor league franchise. But at age 84 he is dealing with other health issues of the elderly. Is baseball--specifically the knuckleball--keeping him alive? Part One takes place right before his death and follows him into the afterlife. Part Two chronicles his time on the Ducks. The fake music is experimental but accesible and its impressive nonlinear storyline made it a big hit among fake critics. It remains the only fake album to ever garner a fake P4k 10.0. Fake Pitchfork rating: 10.0 [Best New Music Tag]

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