Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fake Album #24: Useless Outlaw

1. Black Background
2. Tapeworm Society
3. Monkey Stew
4. The Moreover Mambo
5. She Talks Like a Dirty Guitar
6. Glass Hollow
7. Maybe We Should Call Mitch
8. Grittier
9. Pinecone Ornament (Come Back Home)
10. Raping the Girl with Shame
11. Tons and Tons
12. Vacation of the Lucky Ones
13. Save Me from My Sanity
14. Light
15. Light, Part II / The Dark Dynamic

This fake album sounds as if it were recorded by an earnest man with a lot of money, but without a lot of talent. The production is top-notch and so is the playing (it should be: 21 ace studio musicians played on it). But the singer's voice is horrendous. Quasi alt-country, played to perfection, but with a side of indigestion. The novelty wears out fast. Fake Pitchfork rating: 3.5

To purchase a print of this beautiful fake album cover for an affordable price go here. And please utilize this link to view the master list of every fake album by Vernon Howl.

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