Monday, October 17, 2011

Fake Album #9: Hate Smells Awkward

ACT I: The Killer (Disc One)
1. Swastikiller / Messianic Introduction
2. Drowning in the Air
3. Deal Zero
4. Just a Portion
5. History Lesson
6. The Pound
7. Feverish Rejects
8. Stage Fright Be Damned
9. Give the Weepy One His Water
10. I Shot Several Men
11. Seeking Success When You’re Drowning in the Ocean
12. We Watched the Smoke Drip Off the Trees
13. Ancestor’s Ambush
14. Dolores is a Mess of a Woman
15. The Tomb
16. Black Forest Shadow
17. Sad Grey Smoke
18. Rape of Weepy
19. Tied to Nothing and I Still Can’t Move
20. Drowning is a Timeless Way to Die
ACT II: The Manhunt (Disc Two)
1. Rape of Dolores
2. On the Way to Delaware
3. Tipsy Gross Girls and the Sordid Story of More Rape
4. Last Rape / Self-Castration
5. The Record
6. Blackness Over Women
7. Smiling Through
8. The Last Chance
9. Cheap Revelations
10. Mighty Might Keep Coming
11. Matthew Jones
12. Quick and Easy
13. The Drug of Hate
14. Mastered Killing
15. Chipped Tooth Morning and a Half Pack of Smokes
16. The Prostitute’s Redemption Became My Very Own
17. Mr. Jones and the Old Oak Tree
18. The Longest Way Home
19. Dreaming of a Toothless Son of a Bitch
20. Takedown in Chesterfield
ACT III: The Prison (Disc Three)
1. The Proudest Guard
2. No More Last Chances Here
3. Drowning in the Driest Place
4. Rape Returns in Dreams
5. Ghost of Dolores
6. White Sheep Shakedown
7. Bloodstain
8. Clamor for a Riot
9. Religion in a Knife Fight
10. Ghost of Mr. Jones’ Hypothetical Children
11. Visiting Day
12. The Saddest Guard
13. Eyes Justly Reflecting Doom
14. Forgoing Forever and Ever
15. Ghost of Matthew Jones Battles My Own
16. Prison Food
17. Jesus Can’t Cure the Killer’s Soul
18. Like Moles
19. The Impossible Heaven
20. My Hate’s Heart
ACT IV: The Death (Disc Four)
1. The Death

This fake album sounds like the most ambitious fake album to date. A 4-CD set? Wow that is a lot of fake thought put into the outline of this fake album. This is a rock opera about a guy who commits a hate crime, and then a bunch of even more horrible acts against his fellow man. Like talking at a movie theatre. Disc 4 is just one long epic hour-plus sweet-ass drone track symbolizing this man's death by lethal injection. Fake Pitchfork rating: 3.7

To purchase a print of this beautiful fake album cover for an affordable price go here. And please utilize this link to view the master list of every fake album by Vernon Howl.

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